About us

Hello and welcome to the Ruovesi 4H association! 

You may have heard about the 4H association before, as 4H has a strong history and now 4H-associations can be found in as many as 80 countries around the globe.  

At 4H, our goal is to teach and inspire! The main focuses at the heart of our association are that of forests and nature, food, environment and hand crafting.  

Here in Ruovesi, there are  many local events in which we participate that are available to children and  youths. 

Some of our happenings 


School trips in nature 

Forest days 

4H Business Lab 

Entrepreneurship courses and help for youths in establishing their own businesses, including basic trainings and certification possibilities  

Joining in the many local happenings for children 

We are privileged to have a strong community and friendly 4H alumni which participate in a variety of fun events designed to teach and inspire our youths through activities such as farm tours, visiting speakers and participation in community events which provide a hands-on perspective of forestry, agriculture and nature topics.  

With 4H, youths learn practical skills for real life with a high value on nature, the environment and rural community.  

Would you like to join us? 

As a member of 4H, you can participate in activities, aquire skills or simply support the local youth work by paying the membership fee. Annual membership fees are 35 euros per person, or 70 euros for the entire family.  

If you would like to join us, you can do so by clicking here and following the instructions.    

4H Ruovesi is a part of 4H Finland. More information about 4H Finland can be found here